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Part III

Hope & Love Radio

My life has truly been an audacious one and even now there never seems to be a dull moment. I am still living in the nice house in Santa Rosa.  A lot has happened in two years  I am currently working for Starbucks ( my favorite company), I have been working on my radio station as you all know.. It has an app now, It’s on blackberry, I tunes and its in a magazine all year round…. Furthermore, I also joined a choir, became a member of the local temple and also joined a film festival committee… Is also started singing in a local parking lot out of starbucks and sometimes by my house.  I even had the opportunity to do some travel, I had gone to Portland as well as Seattle. You see I promised myself two years ago that every year for my birthday I was going to…

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What Does Our Future Hold by Stefanie Lesser

Hope & Love Radio

Seeing the impact, seeing how much you’ve grown,

Is it possible to fall in love with you again?

So proud of you, words cant express…

Said I was your best friend, said you loved me….

Oh what does our future hold?

Maybe it was for a short time, but you blessed my heart…

I learned to let go, but I still hope,

I learned to surrender.

Yet, I still feel you in my heart.

The time apart strengthened my unconditional love for you

 Your love made me feel my life was enough…..

Oh can you tell me, what does our future hold?

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Holy War by Alicia Keys