Please let me know what you think. Its going to be on my new album…

Recently realized  everything was a game

Don’t Know why but i really loved you

Now I can finally let go

Now I can finally move on 

And now it’s my time to shine

I had to lose you to find me 

My inner strength that was regained

The humbleness and empathy that prevailed me

Oh yes I became a warrior 

Oh yes I’m a beacon of light

Oh I had to lose you to find me

Thank you for the gifts

Thank you for the lessons you taught me 

Oh I had lose you to find me 

I’m going to fly so high

Oh I’m gonna soar to my highest 

Oh I had to lose you to find  me 4x

Oh yea

America is a melting pot. Its essentially what has made us strong over US history time and time again.. Why destroy that.. We need someone who wants to help keep that unification to make everyone feel accepted and feel like they belong.. This is so pertinent now more than ever. Economics is important, but you cant have a good economy without a strong nation standing together… ~ Stefanie Lesser