When two people are experiencing conflict in a relationship, it usually stems from poor communication. But before you call the shots and just walk away, ask yourself this, if you could find a way to bridge back that connection between you and your partner, would you? I bet there is a small part of you that is saying yes. Well I have a way to do just that… Are you willing to learn and try something new? So there are two parts to this.This is something I learned in my coaching program but I feel it’s a great way to improve communication. The first is understanding someone’s map. Well what does that mean exactly? It is essentially, just someone’s view of the world. How they think, their beliefs, their personalities, their unique tastes, etc. Your map of the world is going to be completely different from your partners. For example, your different love languages. I for one, like to hear positive words, my current partner likes to do things for me. We are both different in how we share how we care for each other. The key thing here is though, both ways are completely valid. The thing with this though, is that you have to be willing to understand that person’s point of view and be curious as to why they see things in a certain way. This opens so many doors and leads to trust, less judgment and more appreciation of one another. The second step is specificity. This is just so we can be truly clear as to what our partner is saying to us. The way to do this is to ask questions that will break down what was being said into more detail. For example, if your partner says that they always feel that they are not appreciated. You can ask your partner when they feel that way. Just a tip here, if always is being said, it’s usually not the case. Nonetheless, asking these open ended questions allows for being free of misunderstandings and for more honest communication. Being able to combine the two steps when talking to your partner allows for more empathy, allows for you and your partner to feel supported and allows for a chance to restore intimacy. Is this something you are willing to try? Any thoughts or comments. If you are looking for something more, we are also offering two Free Have the Relationship You Want Discovery Sessions to help you improve your communication as well as to fast track your relationship goals. Dm us if you are interested.

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