So, I was watching the real-life version of Mulan the other night. Truth be told, it got me thinking about when I was younger. I always felt I was hiding my true self. I related to Mulan because I felt I had to be perfect in order to please my parents. Yet, watching the remake of it made me see that as an adult, some of my childhood programming has changed. Currently, I strive to be more authentic, I strive to express my feelings, and I strive to live my life the way I choose. Yet, I do have to say, and to be just a bit raw here, I still hold back. There is a part of me that I dont share with others. I realize now its due to fear, but it’s a risk I have to overcome. But, I will…. Why do I mention this? Being completely authentic is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of a relationship. How can you have genuine, honest connections if you or your partner aren’t honest with yourselves? I get it . We have constructed different personas of ourselves for so long. We hide behind that wall because we fear others will not love us for who we are. However, if we are not our true selves, real love cannot take place. Isn’t that what we all desire? Being loved for and seen for who we are. Well, being authentic helps with just that. So what are some ways you can try to be authentic? Any thoughts? Comment down below… Furthermore, I am offering 2 free coaching sessions to help you be your authentic self. Here is the link to schedule an appointment.

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