Attachment is the emotional connection that is formed as an infant with your primary caregiver.  Depending on the type of attachment that was developed, ends up being a precursor to how you relate to others, how you view yourself and how you view the world.   There are 4 types of attachment styles. The one that I am going to mention today is the avoidant attachment style. This is something that I even deal with myself. But what exactly is the avoidant attachment style?   This is when the primary caregiver usually neglected the child’s needs.  As a result, the child learned to self soothe, learned to distant themselves emotionally from others, resulting in avoiding intimacy as an adult.   Other signs of people with this attachment style are people that are extremely independent. They learned to depend on no one. Also, one with this attachment style will tend to withdraw when someone tries to get close. They are uncomfortable with their emotions, and  tend to end relationships because they feel they will lose their independence. 

There is hope for people with this attachment style. Learning to deepen intimacy with others and learning how to face their feelings is the first step in overcoming the avoidant attachment style. 

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