So today I am going to share another poem, Each Day Is A Chance by Catherine Pulsifer. This is a poem to remind us to keep moving forward and to remind of us our self worth. So here it goes…

Each day we wake up,

We have another chance.

We could just keep on moving,

Or we could decide to dance.

Dance as if you are alone,

And no one will ever see,

As this is your chance,

To see what you could be.

Remind yourself you are someone,

Someone who is grand.

Believe you can do anything,

Get up and take a stand.

Always keep looking forward,

Looking back is never good.

You want to look to the future,

And that is something you should.

Any thoughts, comment down below. Also, I am offering 2 free coaching sessions. Take the chance for you today… Here is the link to schedule an appointment.

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