I believe money has a huge impact on relationships, especially now during the holiday season. I’m sure you do too, right? In fact studies have shown that money fights are the second leading cause of divorce behind infidelity. Some of the factors leading to these arguments are lack of communication, having different views on money and just having high amounts of debt. So yes, I get it, money can cause frustration in your relationships. It doesn’t have to be this way though.. Here are some tips to help you. Keep a joint bank account. It actually has been proven that separate accounts can lead to more conflicts. The next one is imperative now considering the holidays are here. Talk about your lifestyle choices. Find ways to compromise, even when buying all those holiday presents. It will be worth it. The third way is to truly just communicate.. Talk about your different beliefs, your relationships regarding money, your budget, and your financial goals, etc etc. Understand each other better. It does so much good when you take the time to just listen and to appreciate each other’s viewpoints. . You can really help each other here.. Remember, you are a team. Money doesn’t have to be the reason why there are conflicts in your relationship. Comment below on how money affects your relationships and what you do to compromise..https://mysites.therapysites.com/0056222/appointment

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