My stance on twin flame relationships….

As some of you know I am an online relationship advisor as well as a life coach. Through the course of working, my personal experiences, and as well as my education; my views of relationships drastically changed. But it doesn’t just stop there with my perceptions…..Societal and familial conditioning whether we chose to believe it or not, alters our perceptions of how we view the world,  alters what we believe is most important, alters our decision making, alters how we view ourselves and primary alters our views on relationships.   It’s as if our whole internal reality is shaped just by the circumstances we were given.  Furthermore, unconditional love is one of the most basic needs that humans have. The majority of us want a twin flame. The one we dream of, the one we see in the movies, the one we read about in books, the one who supposedly completes us. Some in hopes to fulfill us, others to give us the love that we may never received. Yet, this rare, unique relationship with our twin flame is a direct result of our relationship with ourselves. So, if you are experiencing a lack in this perplexing relationship, there is a part of you that needs to be healed and loved. As you heal those fragments of yourself ,alter your perceptions and let go of old conditioning that you were taught, you become more aligned with who you truly are. This helps you find that state of unconditional self love. This helps you unite with your twin flame and have the love that you always dreamed of.

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