The Debut by Jackie Evancho

On April 12th, of this year, Jackie Evancho after all this time, has come out with a new album. It consists of coming of age covers of Broadway show tunes. She has made her comeback and is emerging into being one of the top vocalists of today’s century. She has taken songs from Rent, Once, Hamilton, Waitress, and more and made these classics into pieces of her own. They are classy, they are contemporary, they are the first of its kind…

My favorite from this album was Falling Slowly from the musical Once.  It is played on my station and its truly one of the best covers of this song, I have ever heard. Its a Broadway tune, turned into a pop song… Its song by one of the top vocalists today,  the instrumentals are just superb… I love it.

Take the time to check the album out, you wont’ be disappointed…




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