Update to Hope & Love Radio!!!

Check out the new Hope & Love Radio Store…..

Donate to Hope & Love Radio…. This station is for a good cause… to bring people together through music, to lift your love, faith and hope, alleviate pain and to remind people that we are all one…Music is a universal language… It’s something we all connect to. All Donations are for operational expenses and after 100% will be donated to charity….

Ongoing Fundraiser…. Every Friday, the most who donates to Hope & Love Radio will receive a gift certificate to a restaurant of their favorite choice….

New and upcoming artists….. If you have something you would like heard on Hope & Love Radio, send me a copy of an mp3… I would be happy to add it….

Additionally, if you have any other ideas, please let me know…. Thank you for listening…..

Furthermore, from the hours of 5:00PM to 9:30PM (PST) daily chat with me… I can give you advice about your love life, input your dedications and song requests. Or if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know….


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