How I feel About Soulmates by Stefanie

As we know relationships are hard. Yet, sometimes sepearation between the couple is needed.  It may be difficult of course,  but it allows for indivudal growth.  Furthermore, for for some cases, the heart goes fonder. I feel that if you truly truly love someone;and you know inside that one person is the one for you, you will do what ever it takes to make that relationship work. You want the other person happy as well as your self.  No one is perfect but you can find the one that is perfect for you (hence soulmates). Allow the other person to grow (which is what I am doing), grow yourself which Ive done, and the imperfectcalities will find a way to ease themselves into having the relationship you want. Soulmates do exist, the love never fades, you just have to believe that. We all have that one impefect person who will be the one that is pefect for them. Dont give up so easily on love. Love is what makes this world a better place to live in. Love creates miracles. Love is what brings out the best in people. ~ Stefanie Almond
Bryan u gave me that love. I love u, you are my impefect person that is pefect for me and I beelive I am that imperfect person for u. Love you Always

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