Three Books That Changed My Life

Hope & Love Radio

First a video 🙂 As you know, Everything I do I do it for You, is my favorite and always been. Its one song I listen to every day.  I also feel it provides hope and love, so here it is once more. 🙂

Secondly, since I’m a librarian currently just by academics and I LOVE to read, I wanted to share three non fiction books that really turned my life around.  I hope you take these to heart, practice what they preach ( I did) and learn to have hope and love in your life.  It takes time for what these books state to come into play, but I guarantee you they work.  Below will be how it effected my life instead of a general overview of the the book. ( Just a little something different)

Buttefly Effect by Andy Andrews– I felt a few years ago that my life didn’t matter…

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