Personal Story

 I have to share a story. So yesterday my car got impounded; saw the car literally flying away. I spoke to a cop and the things he took out of the car for me before I realized it was being taken away was ten bucks and my framed bachelor’s degree diploma for music. I wanted that degree more than any of the degrees I have. Music is my passion and despite my hearing, i was able to obtain it. i worked hard for that degree, I took out my savings for it, worked full time during the time i was pursuing it, got into a car accident in the same car that was impounded yesterday; yet i still kept going. Now 7 years and a few months later after the degree being handed to me again, living in the place I wanted to settle down in and being married to the man of my dreams even though we are in separate places, shows not only do i believe my music website/blog will be a sucess, I also believe I finally know what it means to let go. This is all because of my car flying away but also I also never gave up on my dreams.  So that being said, never give up on yours regardless of your circumstances.  your dreams will always be with you and yes they do come true. 


4 comments on “Personal Story

  1. Thank you for sharing your very personal story. We have similar philosophies related to life and dreams. I also believe in the importance of never giving up. I feel the hard work we strive to achieve toward reaching our goals and dreams are the best part of the journey.


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