Afraid of Losing You by Me (Stefanie)

It’s been a while since I wrote a song and I had the time yesterday so here goes. Hope you like it.

Afraid of Losing you

It’s a cross I don’t want to bear

I never felt like this with anyone before

You were my angel

You were my only hope

and now wer’re miles apart


I should have told you how much you meant

I should have held you in my arms

I just want to say I’m so sorry

I should have said I loved you more

I should have never walked away

Oh Im afraid of losing you

Verse 2

Your love saved me

Your golden heart was so pure

I was blind to ever let you go

You were my northern star

You were my one true love

and now we may never meet again



Please give me a second chance

I’ll make it up to you

I realize now you were there all along

Chorus 2x

Afraid of losing you

Afraid of Losing you

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