Four Books That Changed My Life-Stefanie Lesser

First a video 🙂 As you know, Everything I do I do it for You, is my favorite and always been. Its one song I listen to every day.  I also feel it provides hope and love, so here it is once more. 🙂

Secondly, I wanted to share four non fiction books that really turned my life around.  I hope you take these to heart, practice what they preach ( I did) and learn to have hope and love in your life.  It takes time for what these books state to come into play, but I guarantee you they work.  Below will be how it effected my life instead of a general overview of the the book. ( Just a little something different)

Buttefly Effect by Andy Andrews– I felt a few years ago that my life didn’t matter, regardless of what I did. Reading this made me realize that everyone is unique in their own way and as individuals, we have the capacity to make an impact on other people.   After I started believing in what this book stated, I saw the difference I had on others. I also saw my indiviudality.  Sometimes I still struggle with this, but each time I read the book,  it reminds me that if I do live with a permanent purpose (my blog and to inspire others) I can impact others and maybe even impact the world.  As Andy Andrews stated, “Your actions have value far greater than silver or gold. Your life and what you do with it today matters forever.” (Butterfly Effect)

The Power by Rhonda Byrne– Growing up in a not so good environment led me to love based on conditions. Even though I was always proud of my accomplishments, I never knew what unconditional love was.  Reading this book confirmed that when you always give love, it has remarkable changes in you and in others.  I’ve seen the changes in myself and I feel happier. It led me to get a job, it led me to meet my husband who I love with all my heart, It led me to watch this blog grow, it led me to change my outlook on my finances, it led me to really see what unconditional love is and it changed my life in ways I’ve never imagined.

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deeprak Chopra-This one I have read many many times, and I still read it occasionally.  Some of the laws in this one, Im still learning to incorporate in my life.  Nevertheless, it allowed me to see what my true purpose in life was (which has given me so my joy), it taught me that what you give comes back and makes you happier 🙂 (just by the act of giving), taught me that planning everything doesn’t always work,  taught me that sometimes you just have to focus on the goal intended and just watch it unfold before your eyes, and it taught me that you can have everything you want.

The Success Prinicples by Jack Canfield– This book I also read many times and I still use its guidelines. I believe it really shows you what it takes for anyone to truly get what they want out their lives. It gives testimonials from other successful people including Debbie Macomber, Albert Einstein, Norman Vincent Peale and more. It shows you how to budget your money, change your thinking, increase your self confidence and lays out what you need to become the success you want to be.


People always said to me when I was a kid, despite other things that life is a gift. I always questioned that for years as to why they say that when people I’ve known (adults)  are usually so unhappy with their lives.  I finally learned when I moved to California as to why that is. It’s because LIFE IS ALL UP TO YOU. You create your life, you create your story.  Some things take two, I get that, like relationships, but  if you want something go after it. Don’t let people stop you, don’t let your fear stop you, don’t let your limitations stop you.  I read these books because they inspired me and they still inspire me to this day. I rather take the advice from experts who know how to be happy and have successful lives than listen to people who are not happy. I did just that for years and as long as I live I will continue to do so.  It made who I am today and I believe it will make me who I will continue to be in the future.  I am an inspiration to others now and I will continue to be one. You can be one too.  🙂

Create the life of your dreams, Create the life you want. It’s possible. Change your life to the one you want it to be. It really can happen.

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