Update to Hope & Love Radio

What do you want to see on here? Please feel free and let me know. I am up to any suggestions:) I thank you all for following Hope & Love Radio and I hope you enjoy the collection on here.  Feel free to check out the archives and search for songs you like in the Hope & Love Library. Thank you for your continued interest and there will be more to come!!

Music Of The Night (Russian) by Alexandr Trofimov

My Heart Will Go On (Flemish)


Only Hope (Italian) by Sara Taccardi


My Heart Will Go On (Hungarian)

This version is so beautiful. I love this blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)


Turbo Tabla III-Belly Dance Superstars


Without You (German) by Jonathan Larson

Without You (Hungarian) by Jonathan Larson

Shadowland (Japanese)- Lion King

Circle of Life (Japanese)-Elton John

One Day More (Hebrew)-Les Miserables